Creative, Some Photography, Retouching, Design by Sean Clauretie.

Every Halloween the Palms throws The Night(s) of the Killer Costumes. The first couple of years, I went with an old school illustrated look of the classic horror movie poster. In 2012, I decided to give it a modern horror look.

I used this updated look to tie each of the existing and ongoing club events together for an overall Halloween themed campaign. Each major event surrounding Halloween, including GBDC, Fancy Sauce, Attack Fridays, and Ghostbar Sundays got the treatment. The girl featured in the main art was from a stock photo that I found. She looked a little too creepy, so I had to do some reconstruction to get the right tone. I wrapped M!keAttack in gauze from an OSHA mandated first aid kit for a quick photo shoot. The rest of the images were assets from each event’s own branded artwork. Fancy Sauce is my favorite one, bleach the skin, add some blood, and… perfect.