Created and Designed by Sean Clauretie. Assembled by Uncle Rico.

The UNLV 3D Fatheads exist because I wanted to make something for their student section that could not be copied. A year before this, I just so happened to be leaving a public practice for the team and was pulled into an impromptu meeting. A group of UNLV students wanted to improve the student cheering section at the Thomas & Mack. They wanted to do something big and different, so I came up with Mozilla, the oversized, cardboard puppet of star forward Mike Moser. After its debut appearance on ESPN, it only took a couple of weeks for the Mozilla concept to begin its dissemination across college basketball, starting with Ohio State and Marquette. So far, there have been no 3D Fathead sightings outside of the Thomas & Mack center.

This project forced me to learn how to model in several 3D programs. Each fathead took about 3 weeks from modeling to the final product. Also, non-shrink spray foam does actually shrink.